Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiking Envy

The most unfair of scenarios:

Sitting at my desk at work around noon on Friday, I received a text message from my sister. Attached to this text was a camera phone photo of Spray Falls plummeting 70 feet into Lake Superior. This clearly violated the (undocumented, yet obvious) rule that a spontaneous trip to the Upper Peninsula without me is forbidden. I am the older sister; I do not get left behind. Mysterious tree stump on the beach

Although this is not my usual type of entry, I feel that a few of the photos that my villainous sister took over the weekend should be posted for everyone's viewing pleasure. She hit a couple of our favorite spots, including a stretch of the sculpted sandstone lakeshore in the Chapel Beach area, and the very charming Mosquito River trail. A section of Mosquito Falls

Near her campsite at Hurricane River, this diabolical brat of a sibling spent the late afternoon watching the temperamental sky over a somewhat rough Lake Superior. I spent my afternoon at the office working on a spreadsheet. Lake Superior near the mouth of Hurricane River

I have heard that there is a frozen pasty from Muldoon's and some chocolate mint fudge from Murdick's in my future. This softens the blow somewhat, but I remain nonetheless disgruntled.


sylvia murphy said...


I feel your pain. Having to work while your obviously irreverent sister enjoyed the UP is a crime worthy of serious retribution. The photos are very nice and remind me of my trip.

By the way, I am off to Nova Scotia week after next. It will be interesting to compare the two!

bhamster said...

Hey Nina, great pics. Any wolves to be seen? Nice to spend time with your sis... she is great. Hope to see you out here sometime.