Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morning in Paradise

To the beer-gutted man who decided it was a good idea to eat his complimentary continental breakfast shirtless in a lobby full of guests at the Comfort Inn, Paradise, Michigan on March 9, 2007:

Please help me out.

How did you construe this as appropriate? Exactly what was your reasoning? Was the 11ยบ weather too warm for you? Did something prevent you from taking the mere seconds necessary to pull a t-shirt over your head as you left your room, or did you consciously make that decision? "Hmm, let's see. Going to breakfast...Shirt? No shirt? I think I'll go with the latter."

Did you not feel even a little strange amongst an entire room full of early risers who were enjoying their bagels and cereal fully clothed?

This is perplexing to say the very least.

To this day, when I think of my time in Paradise, I think not of frozen waterfalls and snow-blanketed forest. I think of you, sweet prince.


mmichele said...

Hi Nina

I hate apostrophe abuse's too. Drive's me crazy.

I don't know if you noticed two links on the quotations blog to apostrophe sites. I love the quotation marks but the apostrophes are almost too painful to visit often.

mmichele said...

And I loved your shirtless man post... sometimes I wonder if the free breakfast is really worth it.

Anonymous said...

He could wash off his belly, doing laundry , nah.
He only had one clean shirt left and he wasn't gonna waste it on breakfast. :)